Are you struggling to hear clearly?

Do voices sometimes sound muffled, particularly against background noise?

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“Dr Priya Carling is clearly passionate about her work and I was so pleased to benefit from her professional skills on a recent appointment. She is such a superb Doctor in her field. I would not go anywhere else”

Nigel, April 2018

Dr Priya Carling, AuD RHA

Treatment is given by Dr Priya Carling, AuD RHAD, in the comfort of our Kings Hill clinic, easily accessible from most parts of Kent.

We can usually offer an appointment with 48 hours of your enquiry and we keep some appointments free for on-the-day emergency bookings.

Professional earwax removal

Kent Hearing offers professional earwax removal using the latest microsuction technology to safely, quickly and effectively remove the earwax that may be causing you pain or discomfort and affecting your hearing.

Microsuction is suitable and usually highly effective for most patients from the age of 5 years old upwards.


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Dr Carling (who was previously Director of Education at UCL Ear Institute) can also provide the following hearing services:


Hearing testing for adults and children


Tinnitus management


Paediatric and school hearing screening service


Hearing aids


Custom swim plugs, musicians plugs and noise protector plugs

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