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Introduction to our Audiology Services

Kent Hearing provide a range of expert services to enable our patients to make the most of their hearing and maximise the quality of their day-to-day lives. These include:

We offer a full range of diagnostic services for both adults and children to ensure that any hearing or related condition is correctly identified and managed.Dr Carling, AuD, will discuss your hearing difficulties and symptoms with you in detail and then select and perform the necessary and appropriate tests to investigate and address your individual concerns and hearing condition. 

From the test results attained, we will formulate a personalised hearing management plan, involving you and your significant others throughout the process.  Where appropriate we can communicate or work with other healthcare professionals and make written referrals for further investigation and treatments.  All hearing tests are undertaken by Dr Carling in our relaxing and comfortable Kings Hill clinic and using the latest available technologies.

“I was suffering from earache for 5 weeks and Dr Priya helped me out of this long nightmare. I recommend Dr Priya to everyone who needs help with hearing and ear problems.” Anna

Dr Carling, AuD, is highly skilled in earwax removal and uses both endoscopic and microscopic microsuction to remove unwanted wax from the ears of both children and adults. Recent NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) guidelines have highlighted the risks of syringing to remove earwax and microsuction is now becoming the gold standard for earwax removal.

This service is provided in the safe and comfortable surroundings of our Kings Hill clinic. On request we can provide a domiciliary service for patients who are physically unable to visit us.

“Went there with a blocked ear to have microsuction performed and I can hear so much better now. Thank you so much.” Gavin

Our extensive experience and expertise enables you to get optimum benefit from your hearing solution and rehabilitation. We recognise that hearing aids may form only a small part of the right solution for you. Using the latest technologies, accessories, counselling and other aural rehabilitation methods we tailor an individual hearing solution and plan to each and every patient. 

We offer and can expertly fit a wide range of the latest hearing aids available internationally. However we are not aligned to any one provider, giving us the freedom to make sure that we recommend and fit only the product that is best suited to your own individual needs and preferences.

“Dr Priya has just fitted my 86 year old nan with state of the art hearing aids. The experience from start to finish was exceptional. Dr Priya was so patient and supportive with my Nan. I cannot recommend this company enough.” Sarah

Today, noise induced hearing loss is almost entirely preventable. But many people don’t realise that while enjoying their hobbies, for example riding a motorbike, playing in a band or orchestra or listening to music, they are potentially damaging their hearing permanently.  We provide expert hearing assessment and advice as well as bespoke plugs and personal protective equipment to enable you to continue enjoying your favourite activities while at the same time protecting your hearing. 

We can also provide custom swim plugs for both children and adults to keep your ears dry and reduce the risk of painful and unpleasant ear infections while swimming or on holiday.

“Committed, caring, friendly, professional. Highly recommended.” Matthew

If you have a buzzing, ringing or hissing in your ears that is not caused by an external sound, you are probably suffering from tinnitus.  Common causes include hearing loss, listening to loud noises, earwax, head injury, stress and the side effects of medication. 

Dr Carling, AuD, will undertake all appropriate tests to determine the extent and impact of your tinnitus, before discussing the appropriate treatment plan to ensure that your tinnitus is managed as effectively as possible accordingly to your condition and your lifestyle.

“One of the kindest, most caring professionals you could ever meet” Elizabeth

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Good hearing is essential to all of our effectiveness in day to day life. It is vital for children’s learning and development. It is essential for social interaction and engagement at every age, both at home and in the workplace. Major studies have shown unequivocally that hearing loss contributes to and impacts on our mental and physical health, from dementia and depression to social isolation and anxiety.