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Introduction to our Audiology Services

A range of hearing tests can be performed on both adults and children in a safe and comfortable clinical environment using the latest technology and skills to address problems with hearing loss and tinnitus.

Kent Hearing offers more than just a range of the latest hearing aids available internationally. Our expertise enables you to get optimum benefits from your hearing solution and aural rehabilitation. We provide the best individual solution for each and every adult or child as we recognise that every hearing problem is different and related entirely to the individual.

We provide a wide range of bespoke solutions for those who have special requirements for work, home, hobbies and sports to help with improving your communication in these environments, and helping to protect you hearing from further deterioration.

These include noise plugs, swim plugs, musician’s plugs, motorcyclists plugs, in-the-ear devices, FM systems and remote microphone options.

Noise protection plugs and other relevant products and services are available to corporate as well as individual customers.

Safe, effective and quick removal of earwax by microsuction endoscopically. A photo of your ear canal before and after removal is shown to you.

This treatment is available in a range of settings including homes for those who are not easily mobile.

There has been significant evidence over the past decades to show that children whose hearing problems are not identified and managed are likely to have greater speech, language and developmental issues, and are more likely to struggle academically and may even display behavioural problems.

Kent Hearing conducts hearing screening on children of all ages at school, providing parents and teachers with an individualised report of results and recommendations or referrals as needed.

Good hearing is essential to all of our effectiveness in day to day life. It is vital for children’s learning and development. It is essential for social interaction and engagement at every age, both at home and in the workplace. Major studies have shown unequivocally that hearing loss contributes to and impacts on our mental and physical health, from dementia and depression to social isolation and anxiety.

Kent Hearing provide a range of expert services to enable our patients to make the most of their hearing and maximise the quality of their day-to-day lives. These include: